Connor Bryant

Connor Bryant is a circular economy entrepreneur, campaigner, and speaker. He co-founded Rubbish Ideas and is CEO of The Rubbish Project, and as the names suggest both companies are focused on creating a rubbish (waste) free world. 

Rubbish Ideas is a UK-based sustainable design consultancy which only designs, makes, and sells products and services which support the circular economy. Working with a wide range of clients from different industries to recycle their difficult to recycle materials into new objects or back into the same products. One of the many innovative ways they tackle plastic waste is 3D printing it into large bits of furniture or art using the world’s largest transportable 3D printer, Colossus. 

The Rubbish Project is a Belgium-based company working with the major producers and consumers of disposable single-use packaging to re-design their business model and create a closed-loop system for packaging. Working with the clients such as the major brewers including ABinBev, and the packaging manufacturer Huhtamaki, The Rubbish Project has built a circular system for rPET drinks cups and plans to keep going with an aim to make all packaging circular.

Presenting at the Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau  IBTM WORLD

Disruptive Futures

Generations X, Y and Z are fearful, angry and rebellious. We’re fed up with so called ‘sustainable’ solutions that are simply tinkering around the edges.  We are no longer debating whether the environmental crisis & climate change is real or whether we should be changing the way society works – we know these crisis are happening and that we must be radical in our response.  Business as usual is not acceptable. Governments failing to  meet their even  unambitious targets  is very concerning.  What we need is a bold vision of the world we want and need to live in along with creative solutions on how to get there.  This is no longer simply about sustainability – it’s about regeneration, restoration, renewables, recycling, repairing and rewilding.  Previous generations have exploited the planet, which means our generation must try to put it back together again.  It will be a disruptive future – or no future at all.